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Microsoft Surface Configuration

•  The following certificates are required for this network. Click each button below and select Open to install each certificate.
Sample image of the Windows RT certificate installation dialog
•  After opening each certificate above, click Install Certificate.
Sample image of the dialog use to select the certificate store to install the certificate to
•  Ensure Automatically... is selected.
•  Click Next and then Finish on the next screen.
Sample image the success dialog when the certificate is imported
•  Click OK after certificate is installed.
•  Repeat the steps above for each certificate before proceeding below.
Sample image showing how to select the wifi icon
•  On the desktop, click the WiFi icon.
•  Select eduroam and click Connect.
Sample image of the user name and password dialog
•  Enter your [Gatorlink] and [Password].
•  Click OK.
Sample image showing the wifi connected to the network
•  You should now be connected to eduroam.